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ClearlyDerm Surgery & Vein Center (Now Merged with New Central Boca Location)

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22191 Powerline Road, Suite 29C Boca Raton, FL 33433

Phone: 561-948-3376
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Our Vein Treatment Center

One common reason people visit our practice is to treat their spider veins and varicose veins. Spider veins are superficial, threadlike blue/purple veins that can make people avoid wearing shorts or their favorite skirt. Varicose veins are larger than spider veins (greater than 3mm in diameter). These ropey veins often bulge outwards, sometimes causing a disfiguring appearance to the leg. At the Clearlyderm Surgery & Vein Center, we are committed to helping you feel better about your body, so you can love skin you live in.

Our Vein Center Services

At Clearlyderm, we use lasers, sclerotherapy, and micro phlebectomy to treat both spider veins and varicose veins to give people the confidence to show some skin again.

While visible spider veins and varicose veins are a common reason people visit Clearlyderm, in many cases, people experience other symptoms related to their veins. These include leg discomfort, aching, heaviness, fatigue, cramping, and restless legs that are worse at night.

Other changes are visible on the skin, such as darkening of the skin above the ankle and an ulcer. In these cases there may be problems with the larger veins of the leg and this issue has medical consequences. To evaluate the structure and function of your veins, we use ultrasound, a painless non-invasive insurance covered technique to help determine whether your veins are working properly. If the veins are larger than normal and refluxing or not functioning properly, there are medical procedures that can improve their circulation return from the legs to the heart.

We use thermal and non-thermal techniques to improve circulation, including ClosureFastTM, VenaSealTM, and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. During your consultation after ultrasound, we can discuss the results and options that are best for you and your lifestyle.

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