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6 Skin Disorders that Should Compel You to See Dermatologist Immediately

With changes in the environment, increased global warming, and changes in diet, many people will continue to be diagnosed with various skin conditions. Current studies show that more than one million Americans are living with Melanoma, which is a potentially deadline skin disease.

Skin problems are difficult to self-diagnose, and unless you have a clear understanding of the disorder, it is hard to know what is ailing you. Some skin conditions are benign while others are very severe. That’s why it is important to consult your dermatologist so that you can understand what, if anything, needs to be done. This article discusses some of the most common skin disorders that should compel you to see your dermatologist within the shortest time possible.

Severe or Persistent Adult Acne

This is the most prevalent skin disorder in the United States. Current studies show that more than 80% of Americans in their teens and twenties are likely to be affected by acne. Pregnant women are also likely to be affected by acne, especially due to drastic hormonal changes. There are several over the counter acne treatment options that you can try, but it is always important to discuss with your dermatologist what acne treatment program works for you. If your acne is severe or persistent beyond your teen years, consult your dermatologist for help.


Dermatitis is a major skin disorder around the country and affects a considerable number of people. However, many people don’t know what it means when the doctor says that they have dermatitis. This is a skin condition that causes inflammation of the skin. Several groups of dermatitis are diagnosed, and one of the major ones is stasis dermatitis, which is a reddish rash seen on the lower parts of the legs, especially in people who have varicose veins.

Cold Sores

Medical dermatologists classify cold sore as a skin disorder that is caused by severe cold, especially during the winter or when an individual experiences extreme climatic conditions, especially after moving to another region. It is characterized by a painful, red, and fluid-filled blister that appears around the lips. The sore is visible and is sometimes accompanied by flu symptoms such as fever, swollen lymph nodes, and headaches. If you seek services from your dermatologist, he or she is likely to recommend treatment.

Chickenpox Virus

Chickenpox is a skin condition that has been prevalent for many decades. Although major research studies have been able to bring it down to manageable levels, the virus is still able to mutate and cause devastating skin conditions. It is currently associated with a severe level of chickenpox, commonly known as shingles. This skin condition, shingles, often attacks an area supplied by the nerves, which means you are likely to see the rash in a particular part of the body. A cosmetic dermatologist will highly recommend chicken pox treatment.

Seborrheic Keratoses

This is a skin condition that is commonly associated with older people. It is characterized by dark brown, black, and sometimes bumpy patches that look as though they are stuck on the skin. It is a very common skin disorder that affects a considerable number of senior citizens. Many people associate Seborrheic keratoses with skin cancer, but that is not the case. Your dermatologist will tell you that this skin condition does not usually have any negative medical significance. However, they may also test some of the sores to make sure that they do not have any impacts on your body.


This is another common skin condition that can cause embarrassing symptoms. Dermatologists highlight it as a major skin condition because it spreads in other parts of the skin rapidly and is difficult to control, especially when diagnosed at later stages. Swollen legs, reddish rash, tender to the touch, and a painful experience are some of the major symptoms of cellulitis.

Other severe skin conditions should compel you to see your dermatologists within a short period before they can grow to extreme levels. However, any persistent skin problem that causes distress should prompt a visit to a dermatologist.

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