What Are UPNEEQ Eye Drops?

Upneeq is the only FDA-approved prescription eye drop for ptosis, also called acquired blepharoptosis or low-lying lids. Upneeq eye drops lift your upper eyelids to open your eyes, temporarily improving droopy eyelids with a single daily dosage.

Low-lying lids can affect the way you look and see things. Prescription eye drops for ptosis can enhance visual acuity.

Ask us about how Upneeq can improve the way you look and see.

What Eye Conditions Do Upneeq Eye Drops Help?

Drooping eyelids can cause you to appear tired, and they may make your eyes appear smaller and interfere with your vision. Prescription Upneeq is a non-surgical, first-of-its-kind treatment for ptosis that is ideal for patients who are suffering from low-lying lids caused by Botox injections or who are not yet ready for surgical options.

Any type of acquired blepharoptosis is treatable with Upneeq, including:

  • Age-related droopy eyelids
  • Drooping caused by surgery or underlying medical conditions
  • Low-lying lids associated with Botox

Congenital droopy eyelids, or those present from birth, cannot be treated with Upneeq eye drops and may require corrective surgery.

If you’re unsure of the cause of your ptosis, consult an ophthalmologist for a full eye exam to rule out a serious underlying medical condition that may require medical care.

What to Expect from Upneeq Prescription Drops?

Upneeq eye drops for ptosis temporarily improve drooping eyelids after just one dose. While most patients see an average of just 1 mm of lift, this is enough to create a noticeable difference in appearance and visual acuity.

The primary ingredient in Upneeq, oxymetazoline hydrochloride, works to stimulate eyelid muscle contraction.

  • Length of Time for the Procedure: Upneeq eye drops are inserted once per day, one drop per eye.
  • Side Effects: Side effects may include eye inflammation or irritation, redness, dry eye, blurred vision, headache, redness in the lining inside and at the front of the eye (conjunctival hyperemia), and inflammation of the cornea (punctate keratitis).
  • Results of the Procedure: Each dose was shown to be effective for at least 6 hours following treatment.
  • Duration of Upneeq Treatment: Effects are immediate but require continuing treatment.

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