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The Pop Culture Pimple Hall of Fame

Lights, camera, acne! Do you remember these five memorable breakouts from popular film and literature?

Acne is a universal human experience. It’s no surprise, then, that plenty of iconic scenes in pop culture revolve around our dreaded breakouts. From awkward teenage moments to full-blown adult acne, here are some of our favorite examples of pimples popping up at inopportune moments in books, TV shows, and films.

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In this early 2000s film, protagonist Toula (played by Nia Vardalos) wakes up with a big zit on her wedding day. On the way to the reception, Toula complains about her blemish to her groom. He confesses that he woke up with a pimple as well, but cured it with a spritz of Windex, Toula’s father’s cure-all. While no licensed dermatologist would recommend using Windex as a topical treatment, this scene certainly went down in the annals of comedic film.

2. Birdman

Emma Stone might be a beautiful, funny, talented actress, but even the goddesses among us have bad skin days. Rather than trying to hide Stone’s adult acne, producers let her bumpy complexion appear in the final cut, proving once and for all that a few pimples won’t stop you from being fierce and flawless.

3. Family Guy

Chris Griffin’s cheek pimple in the “Brian the Bachelor” episode of Family Guy is more than just a nuisance — it’s a bad influence, too. “Doug the Pimple” talks Chris into causing lots of trouble in this memorable episode of the hilarious cartoon. While none of us have talking zits (hopefully!), we’ve all grappled with pimples big enough to have their own personality.

4. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

There were plenty of wonderful things about Judy Blume’s coming of age novel, but this quote about growing up is one of our favorites:

“That’s another thing. My mother’s always talking about when I’m a teenager. Stand up straight, Margaret! Good posture now makes for a good figure later. Wash your face with soap, Margaret! Then you won’t get pimples when you’re a teenager. If you ask me, being a teenager is pretty rotten — between pimples and worrying about how you smell!”

We feel you, Margaret.

5. The Princess Diaries

Mia might not be picture perfect when we first meet her, but after an arduous makeover, she certainly looks the part of a princess. Even still, she’s known to make the occasional social faux pas. While confronting her love interest Michael, for instance, Mia suddenly remembers she’s wearing a pore strip, and promptly rips it off — ouch!

If you’re tired of pimples being the plotline in your life, consider contacting a dermatologist and starting treatment ASAP.

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