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3 Skin Problems Caused by Tanning Beds

Many people love the look of a glowing, golden tan. A lot of people go right to the tanning beds because sitting in the sun takes too long. The sun can be harmful in large doses, but UV light from tanning beds is even worse. Here are just some of the skin problems that you could potentially develop if you frequent the tanning beds.

Skin cancer
Calling cancer a “skin problem” is, of course, an understatement. Tanning can lead to melanoma, one of the most dangerous types of skin cancers. Melanoma accounts for the most deaths due to skin cancer every year. The UV rays from a tanning bed damage the DNA in skin cells, which causes the skin to grow abnormally and develop benign or malignant growths. It can also weaken the immune system and compromise your body’s natural defenses against aggressive cancer cells. Melanoma can affect your face, ears, neck, lips, and the backs of your hands.

Premature aging
One of the most common skin problems that occur due to tanning is premature skin aging. The UV rays can cause your skin to look leathery, wrinkled, loose, and it creates dark spots. Dermatologists can develop a treatment plan for this, like chemical peels, dermabrasion, and skin fillers. Your skin will never quite look the same, however, because the aging is permanent after frequent sunburns or hours spent tanning.

Some people believe that tanning beds are good acne treatment options, but they’re not. Initially, a tanning bed may reduce your acne because the UV ray exposures dries out your skin, reducing any oil that can cause acne. However, your skin will try to compensate for the dryness after you tan by producing too much oil, which will make the acne breakouts even worse.

Roughly 70% of tanning salon patrons are women and girls ages 16 to 29. These young women are going to the tanning beds because they want to get tan, look better, and feel better. Unfortunately, many of them don’t realize that tanning can cause skin cancer, acne, and premature aging of the skin. These conditions often need the attention of a dermatology center, but they are usually irreversible. So, it’s essential to stop the tanning trend before it’s too late.

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