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6 Surprising Causes of Body Acne

virtual acne programAcne is incredibly common in the United States. In fact, 60 million people in the country live with this unpleasant condition. Though we most commonly think of acne as small blemishes found on the face, acne can also appear almost anywhere else on the body, including the chest, back, neck, shoulders, and even on the buttocks.

Bodily acne can be particularly frustrating to manage, especially during the summer months. Warm-weather clothes make it harder to hide body pimples, and sweaty days only exacerbate the problem.

Clogged pores can be caused by many different environmental factors. If you’re not sure where your body acne is coming from, check out the following list of possible sources:

Common Causes of Body Acne

Wearing Tight Clothes
Whether you wear leggings, tight camis, or restrictive sports bras, snug clothing can cause breakouts. Acne mechanica, commonly found under the edges of tight clothing, is caused by friction, rubbing and pressure. Skip the spandex to help reduce this type of breakout.

Soap and Lotion Residue
Any substances that linger on your skin tend to clog pores. Sulfates, moisturizers, silicones, and fragrance oils can all get trapped and cause redness, irritation, and pimples. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing or scrubbing in the shower, and choose non-comedogenic lotion brands.

Poor Workout Hygiene
Though your schedule may be busy, don’t skip the shower after a workout. Even a 5-minute rinse can help wash away sweat and bacteria that might have built up on your body at the gym.

Not Exfoliating Enough
Over time, dead skin and gunk tend to accumulate on your face and on the rest of your body. Though washing with soap helps, sometimes an exfoliating deep scrub is necessary. Look for exfoliating acne treatments designed for bodily use.

Dirty Sheets
Your bed can also be a nest of dirt, oil, and skin cells, especially if you don’t wash your bedding regularly. Clean your sheets for clearer skin and less body acne. Dermatologists also recommend choosing natural fiber bedding, which breathes more easily and is less irritating to the skin.

Your Genetics
Unfortunately, sometimes bodily acne has no cause other than your DNA. If you suspect you’ve inherited your body acne, consider visiting a cosmetic dermatologist, or checking out a virtual acne program online.

Body acne is never cute, however, sometimes it can be prevented. Check your routine to see if you can make some changes to help clear your skin. If you’ve done all you can, and are still struggling with body acne, consider trying a virtual acne program. With patience and effort, you can enjoy healthier, clearer skin.

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