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Three Common Questions about Aestheticians, Answered

In both the medical world and the beauty world, it can be hard to keep track of all the treatments, products, and professionals involved with maintaining beautiful and healthy skin. People who have acne, stretch marks, or scarring especially know the difficulty of finding and understanding a treatment plan that works for them.

One often misunderstood aspect of dermatology is the role of aestheticians. Here, we’ve answered three common questions to help patients understand who aestheticians are and what they do. Use this guide to decide if an aesthetician is right for you.

What is an aesthetician?

Aestheticians are skincare specialists who work in a variety of clinical and spa settings to improve the health and appearance of a person’s skin. All aestheticians hold a variety of licenses and certifications depending on their region. They are qualified to give complex treatments using professional equipment, including chemical peels, lasers, needles and abrasion equipment to treat skin conditions.

What is the difference between aestheticians and estheticians?

Essentially, “aesthetician” and “estheticians” are different spellings of the same role. However, amongst aestheticians, there are different levels of clinical qualifications. Some consider “aesthetician” to refer to medical estheticians who work in burn units and with cancer patients to repair the appearance of skin damaged by surgery, burns, or other serious medical events.

Traditional estheticians, however, focus more on creams and lotions to rejuvenate youthful appearance and other minor cosmetic concerns. Be sure to check with your dermatology clinic to determine what area of aesthetician expertise you need to treat any skin condition, from dry skin to deep-tissue scarring.

Is an aesthetician right for me?

Getting a consultation is the best way to determine what kind of dermatological or cosmetic treatment you need. However, many aestheticians offer a huge variety of treatments, so finding a procedure or therapy that can help your condition is quite probable! Furthermore, many skin care specialists not only offer treatments in-clinic but also can instruct patients on at-home skincare regimens for long-lasting recovery.

Skin conditions can be painful and upsetting. In fact, 96% of acne patients have reported feeling depressed because of their breakouts. If any skin condition is disrupting your day-to-day activities or your overall satisfaction with life, an aesthetician might be what you need to reverse skin conditions and feel more confident.

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