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Tips for Preventing and Treating Acne Scars

Pimples may be temporary, but acne scars can last from several months to a lifetime. Redness, dark patches, or dimpling from acne scars can be discouraging for anyone, but there are ways to help the condition.

Use these tips to help prevent acne scars before they happen, and to help reduce their appearance after they form:

Before the Scarring


  1. Keep it Clean!

    This may be obvious, but washing your face twice a day is essential to preventing acne before it forms. For many people, using warm water and a gentle soap is a good first step for removing dirt and oil, but you can also look for acne-specific soaps and scrubs.

  2. Don’t Touch!

    Picking, squeezing, and popping pimples all break the skin’s surface, turning blemishes into wounds. Touching acne with your hands also spreads germs to and around your face, making existing acne and cuts even worse. Try to keep your hands away from your acne, and be sure to clean the area immediately after you touch it.

  3. See a Dermatologist

    The next steps for preventing the formation of acne and acne scars is to visit a dermatologist. A skin specialist can inform you about different acne treatment options, including oral antibiotics, prescription creams, or injections of cortisone for severe acne. If you don’t want to head to the dermatologist quite yet, there are virtual acne programs that can help you find an acne treatment online that works for your skin type.


After the Scars Form


  1. Try Over-The-Counter Products

    Sometimes, the appearance of minor scarring can improve with various scar creams available at drug stores. Consider treatments that include ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, and glycolic acid to stimulate collagen.

  2. Ask your Doctor about Scar Treatment

    Though scarring is generally permanent, modern technology can help make scars less noticeable. Ask your doctor about surgical options for severe scarring, like laser treatments or microdermabrasion. Research acne treatment online to find different scar removal options and therapies in your area.

  3. Learn to Let it Go

    Even with treatment, scars, unfortunately, don’t disappear entirely. However, a positive attitude can also last a lifetime. After all, 60 million people in the United States are affected by acne, so you aren’t alone. Seek out treatments that make you feel better about your appearance, but remember that appearances are only skin deep.



Using these tips, you can stop worrying about acne scarring. Put your best face forward with a good skincare routine and a little positivity to see great results.

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