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Four Reasons to Never Pick At Acne

A huge portion of the population knows the struggles of dealing with pimples, blackheads, and other blemishes. In fact, 85% of people experience some form of acne during their lifetime.

Picking and popping pimples are almost as common as having acne in the first place. Though popping a pimple may relieve some pressure and swelling, medical dermatology insists that touching acne will do nothing to help the condition. If you need any more convincing, here are five reasons why picking zits is a bad idea:


  1. It Damages the Skin

    Though popping a pimple might seem like you’re removing an unwanted blemish, what you’re really doing is replacing a blemish with a wound. Breaking the skin can lead to more inflammation, pain, bleeding, and it can actually slow the healing process.

    Even if you don’t manage to burst the pimple, you can still cause further skin damage. When a pimple forms, a pore is filled with dirt and bacteria. Then, pus and other fluids react to protect the pore from germs. When you squeeze the pimple, you could inadvertently push that yucky stuff deeper into the pore and cause an infection.

  2. You Could Cause a Scar

    One of the few positive aspects of pimples is that they are, for the most part, temporary blemishes. However, picking leads to skin breaking, which leads to scabbing, which leads to scarring. Cystic acne, which occurs deep beneath the skin, is at an even greater risk for scarring and is nearly impossible to pop. Save yourself from a lifetime of regret, and don’t touch that zit! Instead, contact a dermatologist, or look into virtual acne treatments online.

  3. You Could Cause Discoloration

    Even if you don’t cause a scar by picking acne, you could still create a blemish that lasts for many months. Too much inflammation and redness can create dark, flat spots in the area. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is not technically a scar but is still noticeable and very slow to heal.

  4. More Pimples Could Ensue

    Finally, picking acne spreads germs from your fingers to the pores surrounding the pimple, making more breakouts likely. If you manage to pop the zit, the germs inside the pore could spread to other pores as well. Avoid this frustrating, chicken-and-egg cycle by touching your face as little as possible.

By following the expert advice of medical dermatology, and resisting the temptation to pick acne, you can enjoy a clearer complexion for years to come.

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