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What Is A Chemical Peel And How Do They Help Me?

When you’re looking to improve the vitality of your skin, a cosmetic dermatologist may recommend you get a chemical peel. But is it safe? How does it help improve your skin?

People often shy away from the term “chemical” but this safe option is a great way to improve the look and appearance of your skin without invasive surgeries or medications. Here are some facts about chemical peels and how they can help your skin.


What is a chemical peel?

A facial chemical peel relies on a chemical solution that is applied to your skin in order to cause peeling. When the chemical peel is applied it results in the exfoliation of your skin before it peels off. Once it peels away, new and fresh skin is left behind. Your skin typically feels smoother and there are fewer wrinkles after a good chemical peel.


Are all chemical peels the same?

There are varying intensities of chemical peels. Light chemical peels are mild and only target the outer layer of the skin. This helps improve mild discolorations on your skin and improve the smooth texture so many people desire.

Medium peels affect the outer layers and the middle layers of the skin. This removes damaged cells that target deeper issues in the skin including freckles, wrinkles, and age spots. Some medium peels can even be used to treat pre-cancerous growths on the skin like actinic keratosis.


Deep peels aim to deeply target the middle layers of your skin to eradicate deeper facial lines, age spots, and even shallow scarring on the skin.


How do they benefit me?

As stated above, some chemical peels target a number of facial issues. Chemical peels target a wide variety of different skin ailments and issues, but the desired end result typically leaves the patient with healthier, brighter, smoother, and more youthful skin. Chemical peels can also be used as an acne treatment at a professional dermatology center.

Chemical peels are just one of the great options provided by Clearlyderm to improve the appearance of your skin. When it’s estimated that 178,560 people will get melanoma in 2018, taking care of your skin is more important now than ever. Our staff of professional cosmetic dermatologists offers a range of treatments including chemical peels, acne treatments, varicose vein therapy, and more. Visit our website for more information today!

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