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The Many Bad Habits that Can Worsen Your Acne

Acne is rarely fun and almost always hard to eliminate. Even the best hygiene, diet, and scrubs can only do so much to prevent breakouts in acne-prone skin.


However, if you have persistent, noticeable, and uncomfortable acne, you might unknowingly be instigating the bacteria that causes breakouts. Many of us have bad habits that actually worsen acne. If your acne seems unusually stubborn, make sure you’re not making the following acne-related skincare mistakes.


Acne-Helping Habits You Need to Kick


Washing Too Much, Too Hard

If you’re using several acne products several times a day, you’re likely exacerbating the problem. Many acne washes and medicines contain acids that are designed to remove dirt, oil, and bacteria from the skin. However, using acne treatment options too often can strip skin of its natural oils, which leads to oil over-production, and can make acne worse. Similarly, scrubbing too hard can push bacteria deeper into your pores, and can create more red inflammation that worsens the look of pimples. With any scrub or medicine, stick to the explicit instructions of a medical dermatologist for the best results.


Picking Your Pimples

You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: picking your pimples is never a good idea! Nearly every medical dermatologist insists that popping zits turns the closed blemish to an open wound, which allows more bacteria to enter the skin. Similarly, touching acne with your hands makes you more likely to break out, since your fingers introduce and spread oil, dirt, and other yuck around your pores.


Bad Hair Care

Even if you keep a perfectly clean face, poor hair hygiene can cause breakouts on your neck, behind your ears, and near your hairline. Greasy hair spreads oils into your pores, and using too many harsh hair products can cause irritation. Wash hair every day or every other day, and avoid getting hairspray on your skin.


Other Bad Habits

There is a whole myriad of unexpected habits that can cause acne– for example, a dirty phone screen can cause breakouts when you press it to your face during a call. Dirty makeup brushes can also cause acne, as can high amounts of stress.


If you’ve tried everything, and still don’t understand why you’re struggling with acne, consider seeing a medical dermatologist. In the spring of 2017, the number of people who had seen a dermatologist within a period of 12 months amounted to 34.77 million. In other words, you’ll be in good company! Join the millions who are taking action to prevent acne, varicose veins, and other skin conditions, and visit your local dermatologist today.

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