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5 Signs It’s time to See a Dermatologist About Your Acne

Few people have gone through life without experiencing acne to some degree. However, not everyone suffers badly enough to need professional care. Here are a few signs that you need to see a dermatologist for your ance.

No other treatments are working
Typically, when people first start developing acne, they try over-the-counter acne treatment products first in hopes to reduce or get rid of their acne. You may have even spent hundreds of dollars on these acne treatment options and none of them seem to be working. That probably means you need the assistance of the best dermatologist in Boynton Beach.

You have Cystic acne
Cystic acne is characterized by inflamed and painful bumps that can appear on your face, arms, chest, or back. This condition is very difficult to treat with over-the-counter products. It can also lead to pitted facial scars if not treated. The best dermatologist in Boynton Beach can help you treat this condition and prevent further damage.

Your skin is starting to scar
Other types of acne can leave scars on your skin too. Even after your acne fades, your scars could be permanent. If you’re starting to notice that your skin is scarring, make an appointment at the dermatologist to treat the acne and get laser removal of the scars.

You’ve never had acne before this
Some people are fortunate enough to not experience acne in their teen years and young adulthood lives. If you’re one of those people and are just now suffering from acne for the first time, you need to see a dermatologist. You could be breaking out because of your diet, stress levels, or even hormonal changes. Your dermatologist will be able to help you find the culprit and prescribe proper treatment.

You acne is affecting your self-esteem
Ance is not a desirable skin condition to live with, and it might start affecting your self-esteem. If you hate looking in the mirror, want to hide your face in public, or even avoid going on in public in general, then it’s time to let a dermatologist help you treat your acne.

Roughly 96% of people who suffer from acne say that they feel depressed because of their condition. If you relate to any of the signs above, it’s time to contact the best dermatologist in Boynton Beach. We can help you treat your acne and get your confidence back.

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