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Adolescent Dermatology: Six Questions to Ask

Are you looking to take care of your adolescent’s skin? For example, are you looking for acne treatment options? Are you considering cosmetic dermatology options in the future? If so, you will be needing the assistance of a specialist in adolescent dermatology. Here are six key areas to ask about in adolescent dermatology .

1. Ask About Skin Cancer

It is imperative to have protection against skin cancer for your adolescent. Medical dermatology is able to guide you in preventative approaches. Find out if the dermatologist recommends a particular type of sunscreen for your child, as well as other precautions you can take. With an estimated 9,500 people in the U.S. diagnosed with skin cancer every day, you need to protect yourself and those you care for. Also, tanning salon patrons are 70% young girls and women from the ages of 16 to 29. With this statistic, it is imperative that adolescents get tested for skin cancer by a dermatologist.

2. Ask About Psoriasis

Psoriasis requires a medical diagnosis, and your medical dermatology professional can do this for you. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition. In adolescents, it usually appears as plaque psoriasis. Although it cannot be cured, there are many treatments which can ease the symptoms. Interestingly, this is usually a problem of the immune system. Although very uncomfortable and itchy, there are some courses of treatment available that your dermatologist may recommend.

3. Ask About Skin Rashes from Nature

Oh, didn’t your adolescent have a great time going out with friends and family on that nature hike! But look what came next: a terrible rash, just because of brushing up against poison oak, poison ivy or poison sumac…to name a few possibilities. As long as your adolescent didn’t rub their eyes after touching those leaves, your dermatologist will probably be able to find a treatment to provide some relief.

4. Ask About Scars

Does your dermatologist have the newest methods for treatment and or removal of scars? There is no need to go through life feeling self-conscious about a scar from an accident, illness, acne or other cause. Especially, there are many acne treatment options. Dermatology professionals are able to work wonders today!

5. Ask About Cosmetic Treatments

Does your teen have a birthmark, or a mole that is making them feel self-conscious? If so, there is a reason to smile! Your dermatologist knows the most up-to-date procedures to rejuvenate your skin. All your questions about procedures with aesthetic value can be answered by a cosmetic dermatologist.

6. Ask About Younger Children

Remember, children need to have their skin protected and taken care of, too. It is important to monitor the condition of their skin. Pediatric dermatology can get good skin care habits started early. Also, these dermatologists can find skin problems early, and early detection is key for taking care of a problem. We all want each and every child to enjoy a lifetime of beautiful, healthy skin and pediatric dermatology is the first step in this process.

It may come as a surprise that a visit to the dermatologist every year can have an impact on your overall health. But taking care of your skin by visiting the dermatologist is no laughing matter. This goes for your child, too, who should see a specialist in adolescent dermatology. Good habits start early! So remember, beauty may be skin deep, but good health goes a lot deeper, and lasts a lot longer.

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