Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I qualify to use this service where I live?

In order to use this virtual service, you or your child must live in Florida. When registering, you must be able to provide a Florida address.

The patient is under 18 years old. Can he/she use the service?

Yes, but the patient will need a parent or legal guardian to provide consent, oversee the online or mobile visit, and handle payment details.

What if the patient is an older family member who needs assistance?

We make our virtual services available to patients who are not capable of caring for themselves or are perhaps uncomfortable using technology. We provide these services through a surrogate contact who is legally authorized to act on behalf of a patient. All that is required is the surrogate’s relationship to the patient, the surrogate’s contact information, the patient’s name and the surrogate’s electronic signature to attest that the surrogate is legally authorized to act on the patient’s behalf.

Does this really work? I'm skeptical...

Yes! For dermatology practitioners, looking at digital photos uploaded by online patients mimics what they’ve already experienced during their education and training to become a dermatology provider. Knowing how to analyze and diagnose conditions based on images is very familiar to them, which makes online dermatology such a natural extension of their practice. Of course, not every single medical case is suited for online dermatology; for example, annual full body examinations and certainly procedures should be handled through in-office visits. However, thousands of skin, hair, and nail medical conditions can be diagnosed through the online visit format. And our online patients agree: consistently, 98% of them say they’d recommend the service to someone else.

What information do I need to provide?

An online visit requires much of the same information needed for an in-office visit. You will be asked about your current condition (including photos of it), your medical history, your doctor and pharmacy preferences, and insurance and payment information.

What are tips for taking photos of the condition?

Seeing conditions from different angles and distances helps our dermatologists make more accurate diagnostic and treatment decisions. For best results, make sure the photos are taken where there is good light and that they are in focus. Do not alter the photos in any way (i.e. no filters or effects). Parental consent is needed for photos of underage patients.

What if I need a prescription?

The provider may determine your condition will benefit from a prescribed medication and will send an order of your prescription to your preferred pharmacy.

Is my information secure?

Our virtual program adheres to the national patient information security standards found in both HIPAA and HITECH regulations, including sharing information with any accepted insurance providers. Your photos, personal and medical information, video chat, or diagnosis will never be made public.

How long does it take to receive a response after I submit my case?

On average, you will receive a response from a dermatology provider within a few hours. All cases are completed within three business days.

What will I get from the provider?

We will provide you with a diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. You will be notified by email and/or text message when this plan is available for you to review. Your diagnosis and treatment plan will be available to print, fax a copy to your primary care physician, and be securely stored in your online  account to access at a later date. Your treatment plan may also include recommended medications routed to your preferred pharmacy. Your provider will ask you for any additional information (or new photos) if needed.

What if the provider wants me to come in for an in-office visit (i.e. biopsy or diagnostic procedure)?

Your virtual visit covers only the aspects of the online visit. Depending on your case, your provider may determine that an in-office diagnostic or therapeutic procedure is needed to best address your condition.

What if I have questions for the provider?

Your treatment plan will be very thorough and should provide you with all the information you need. However, if you have an additional question for your provider, you may submit a message for up to 30 days after your visit for no additional charge.

What is the cost, and what are my payment options?

The cost for conducting an online visit is $59.00 for new patients and $49.00 for existing virtual patients, and we accept all major credit cards. You may also use a Health Savings Account (HSA), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for covering your care. If you have a promo code, be sure to enter the code on the payment page, so that the discount assigned to that code can be deducted from your visit cost. Promo codes cannot be combined with other discounts, including insurance.

Costs of prescriptions and any follow-up appointments are not covered by the individual online visit fee.

What devices do you support? Do I need to download a mobile app?

You can use your desktop computer, tablet computer, or smartphone to access our destination website at  to start your visit there. Optionally, you can download the DermatologistOnCall mobile app for free from the App Store or on Google Play. (Please note that there currently is no app for Blackberry or Windows-based smartphones.

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