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ClearlyDerm Launches its Virtual Acne Program, Improving Patient Access to Care

By Erika Luceri-Johnson

If you experience frequent breakouts, you’re not alone: over 50 million Americans suffer from acne. Unfortunately, it can often take months to book a traditional dermatology appointment, not to mention the inconvenience and high cost of in-office treatment. In lieu of a formal medical consultation, people often self-diagnose and select acne treatments that simply don’t work, leading to permanent scarring and dark spots.


Now, there’s an alternative. ClearlyDerm is thrilled to announce the launch of its Virtual Acne Program, which provides expert diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for everyone in Florida, all from the convenience of their own homes.

The process is simple: sign up at ClearlyDerm and take pictures of your acne; as long as the photos are clear, we can provide an accurate diagnosis. After you’ve submitted your photos, our dermatology professionals will develop a personalized treatment plan, and if necessary, call in prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

The benefits of our Virtual Acne Program are numerous, but can be boiled down to the three C’s: convenience, confidentiality, and clear pricing. Rather than waiting months to see a dermatologist in-office, ClearlyDerm offers immediate access to a professional diagnosis via our 24-hour virtual acne clinic. When it comes to confidentiality, we maintain strict adherence to HIPAA compliance, ensuring that your sensitive medical information remains private. And we do all of this at a price that simply can’t be beat: just $29.95 per visit.

Robert Colton, MD, Chairman of ClearlyDerm, believes that by embracing telehealth the company can increase accessibility to affordable dermatology treatment.

Our Virtual Acne Program is another step ClearlyDerm is taking towards a future in which high quality, affordable skincare is within everyone’s reach.

Looking for help with your acne? Join ClearlyDerm’s Virtual Acne Program for personalized treatments without the hassle of an in-office visit.

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