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How to Make Your Pores Look Smaller

If you want to minimize your pores’ appearance, serums and scrubs just won’t cut it.

Although we live in an age of photoshop and airbrushing, most people would still prefer to have picture-perfect skin, no editing required. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us struggle with imperfections, from acne and scarring to premature wrinkles. But nearly half of all women would give something significant up — whether that be alcohol, social media, or dessert — for one skin-related improvement: smaller pores.

There are plenty of reasons that your pores look the way they do: genetics, age, skin type, and personal history among them. Here’s the bad news: no matter how many DIY solutions you cook up in your kitchen, you can’t shrink your pores.

The good news? You can certainly make them appear smaller all by yourself. Here are our tips adjusting your skincare routine with this goal in mind.

What Are Pores?

Before trying to change your pores, it’s important to understand the purpose they serve for the skin on your face. No matter how much you dislike the way your pores look, the fact is that they’re actually doing your skin a favor — each tiny dot you see on your skin is a hair follicle, and each follicle contains a sebaceous gland, which produces the oil that keeps your skin hydrated.

Minimizing the Appearance of Pores

Don’t like the size of your pores? Blame your parents! Pore size is almost entirely determined by genetics — but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless in making your pores appear smaller. The easiest way to make pores less noticeable is to keep them clear, so make sure to invest in a high-quality face wash. Gentle exfoliation is another great way to keep your pores from getting stretched out by a buildup of dead skin cells. If you’re prone to breakouts, skip the harsh scrubs and try salicylic acid, which will gently remove dead skin while drying out any extant acne.

Although concealing cosmetic products might seem like the most intuitive way to hide large pores, be careful to avoid products that could cause clogging, which will only exacerbate your pores’ appearance.

Shrinking Pores for Good

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your pore problem, this will require a visit to your local dermatologist. If you’re willing to pay the price, you can make your pores smaller via non-ablative laser treatments, which will simultaneously tighten the existing collagen in your skin while increasing new collagen production.
All of this is to say that, short of undergoing an invasive medical procedure, your pores are going to stay exactly the size they are. Your best bet? Take care of your skin now to manage your pore size moving forward. If you have any questions about your pores, acne, or how you could be taking better care of your complexion, contact a dermatologist today for better skin tomorrow.

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