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The Many Benefits of Mohs Surgery For Those Who Have Been Diagnosed With Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can be frightening, but it’s important to know that you have options for treatment. Mohs surgery is one of those options, and it’s a great one. Here are all the ways that you can benefits from Mohs surgery if you have skin cancer.

It’s effective
In terms of surgical dermatology center treatments for skin cancer, Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate. In fact, Mohs surgery can have a 99% cure rate or better for most types of skin cancer. Compared with all other types of skin cancer treatments, Mohs surgery is the most effective for curing skin cancers.

It’s precise
Other types of surgical dermatology treatments for skin cancer might incompletely check or even fail to check the tissue margins, as well as have delayed pathology results. These issues can result in a recurrence of skin cancer and several trips back to the operating room. The process of Mohs surgery carefully examines each layer of skin under the microscope to ensure that every area is checked. It also ensures that the smallest amount of tissues possible is taken and that the healthy tissue is spared.

It reduces scarring
Any dermatologist will tell you that a scar that results from surgical and medical dermatology methods for taking out skin cancer depends on the size of the tumor. If you have a rather large tumor being removed, the scar will be large. However, Mohs surgery can help minimize the scarring and produce a better, more desirable cosmetic result.

It can be performed with local anesthesia
General anesthesia is often required for other surgical dermatology methods, but not with Mohs. This means you don’t have to be put to sleep in order to receive the surgery. This decreases your appointment time significantly so you can go home shortly after the procedure is complete instead of staying at the dermatology center overnight.

It has a quick recovery time
Finally, you have a relatively quick recovery time with Mohs surgery compared to other methods of removing skin cancer tumors. It only takes about two to four weeks to completely heal from Mohs surgery because your healthy tissue is preserved as much as possible and you don’t have to be knocked out for the procedure.

Currently, it’s estimated that one out of five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. If you are one of those people, it’s important to understand that you have options. Talk to your doctor and dermatologist to see if Mohs surgery is right for you.

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