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You Can Get Treated For Acne Right At Home With Our Virtual Acne Programs

Acne is the most common skin condition in America. It’s a long-term skin disease that happens when hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells and oil from your skin. Acne can be characterized by areas of whiteheads, blackheads, and oily skin.

It’s difficult sometimes to determine the cause of acne because it varies greatly from person to person. Though that is true, more than 80% of cases are a result of genetics. Acne is most common in teens, affecting 80% of the total teenage population. This is because puberty often brings on acne as a result of increased androgens like testosterone. Acne can show up on the face, upper chest, and back.

Have you ever wished that you could get acne treatment online? Well, now you can. Many people don’t have time to visit the dermatologist for regular checkups, and that’s okay because online acne treatments allow you to get treated for your acne right at home. Here are the three steps involved in our virtual acne programs to get you treated without having to leave your house.

  1. Take a photo: Take a photo of your face to show your acne. Then, send that photo in. It can be taken on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop computer.
  2. Get a diagnosis: A professional provider at ClearlyDerm will diagnose and determine your individual needs. We will then formulate a personalized acne treatment plan for you.
  3. Personalized treatment: If our professionals find it necessary, they can prescribe medications for you. Then, they will arrange a pickup for you at your local pharmacy.

It’s estimated that nearly 85% of people have experienced acne in some form or another at some point in their lives. If you’re suffering from acne, it’s time to take your life back. If you don’t have time to go into the dermatologist for regular checkups, then check out our virtual acne programs. In just three simple steps, you will be on your way to healthy, beautiful skin.

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