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How to Weather Acne in Hot Climates

Can’t handle the heat? Here are a few tips for keeping skin clear when it’s humid out.

As those of us who live in Florida know, heat and humidity can take a serious toll on your beauty routine. Although a little moisture in the air can help keep your complexion soft and supple, humidity above 50% can lead to oily, acne-prone skin. Add the sun’s drying effects to the mix, and you have the perfect recipe for erratic, hard-to-handle breakouts.

Don’t worry, Floridians: this doesn’t mean you have to ditch your beach house for a more temperate climate — it’s just a matter of finding ways to care for your skin while withstanding the intense heat. Here are our foolproof suggestions for maintaining flawless skin through even the harshest weather conditions.

Don’t Sweat it

As we’ve mentioned multiple times on our blog, sweat is one of the major causes of acne. In humid climates, sweat can be particularly difficult to regulate. While humidity doesn’t necessarily make you sweat more, it allows sweat to stay on your skin for longer periods of time, making pores even more likely to clog.

While you can’t stop yourself from sweating, you can find ways to keep skin clear in the stickiest of conditions. The first step is finding the right face wash, since regularly washing your skin is the best way to prevent future pimples. But be sure not to overwash — limit your face washing routine to the morning and evening to eliminate excessive oils without drying out your skin.

Keep Things Balanced

In fact, when it comes to developing a skin care regime for hotter climates, the most important thing you can do is to manage your skin’s natural pendulum between oily and dry.

Eliminating excess oils is a great first step when combatting acne, and products like benzoyl peroxide and other topical solutions can clear skin up in a heartbeat. But as you clear the oils from your pores, beware of your skin getting dry and flaky. As important as it is to keep oils from building up, it’s equally important to keep skin hydrated, and you can’t do that without the help of a quality moisturizer. Look for something lightweight or oil-free — that way, you can moisturize as often as you want without having to worry about pore-clogging ingredients.

Always Wear Sunscreen

If you have sensitive skin, it’s absolutely essential to wear sunscreen in the heat, whether or not you usually burn. After all, when you’re using harsher products like Retin-A or benzoyl peroxide, skin is much more likely to suffer damage from the sun’s UV radiation. Just make sure your sunscreen is oil-free — if you’re looking for acne-friendly ingredients, sunscreens containing zinc often help combat zits.

If you want more personalized advice on how to beat the heat and keep your acne under control, be sure to reach out to a dermatologist.

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