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Beyond Cucumbers: What to Expect During a Facial

First time getting a facial? Here’s what you can look forward to.

If you have acne-prone skin, a good facial is much more than a spa day indulgence. Here’s what you can expect when you enter the room with your aesthetician.

1) Changing Things Up

No need to wear anything special to your facial appointment. Before your aesthetician can get to work, she’ll ask you to change into a robe that will provide better access to your neck and decolletage.

2) Heart-to-Heart

When it comes to talking with your aesthetician about your skincare problems, discuss what’s bothering you honestly and openly. After communicating precisely what the issues are — and how you hope to resolve them — your aesthetician will be able to adjust the facial treatment to address your specific concerns. Of course, communication should continue beyond the initial assessment — check in with your aesthetician throughout the facial to ensure you have the most comfortable experience possible.

3) Extractions

If you’re getting an acne facial, chances are your aesthetician will perform extractions during the appointment. Unlike popping your pimples at home, these extractions are safe, sterile, and will help drain your pores without the risk of scarring.

4) Personalized Treatment

Everyone’s skin is different, and so everyone’s facial will be, too. Beyond the extraction procedure, your aesthetician will follow a customized regimen with your specific needs in mind. You might receive a nice facial steam, a relaxing mask, or a scrub for exfoliation. If you’re curious about exactly what your treatment will entail, ask the aesthetician to give you the rundown before the appointment.

5) Being Red-y for What Comes Next

Although facials are a necessary step on the way to flawless skin, this may not be immediately apparent; in fact, you’ll likely walk out of your appointment with skin that appears red and raw. So, you should avoid booking a facial before an event where you have to look picture perfect — especially if you’re struggling with acne.

Unsure what kind of facial is right for you? Consult with a dermatologist before making any expensive decisions.

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